1. The Funk Ferret Freemix EP
    Funk Ferret

  2. No One Above EP
    Mood Swing & Chevy Bass X Cheshire

  3. Cassonade [Scour Records Freemix]
    Mr Stabalina

  4. In The Air (DnB Mix)
    Mr Stabalina

  5. In The Air (Original Mix)
    Mr Stabalina

  6. Struck [Scour Records Freemix]

  7. Boogie Down [Scour Records Freemix]
    Mr Stabalina

  8. Railroad EP

  9. JFC [Scour Records Freemix]
    The Fritz

  10. Parade EP
    Spin Kringle

  11. Schweet EP
    The Fritz

  12. Down With The Birds [Scour Records Freemix]

  13. The Power [Scour Records Freemix]
    Beat Le Juice

  14. Keep The Party Jumping
    Slynk & Mr Stabalina

  15. Pocky Way [Scour Records Freemix]

  16. Freemixed Nuts Vol 06

  17. Residential Area EP
    Crash Party

  18. Globetrottin' [Scour Records Freemix]

  19. Do You Like It EP
    Mr Stabalina

  20. Captain Flatcap Freemix EP
    Captain Flatcap

  21. I Control Your Body [Scour Records Freemix]
    Beat Le Juice

  22. Subverse

  23. So Much Style EP
    Beat Le Juice

  24. Santa Fe
    Extra Medium & Captain Flatcap

  25. Freemixed Nuts Vol 05

  26. Yeah Yeah! [Scour Records Freemix]
    Tuxedo Junction

  27. Nitty Gritty
    Crash Party

  28. Hollywood Swingers Club [Scour Records Freemix]

  29. Badman EP
    Cockney Nutjob

  30. Give The Baby (ft. Summer Bright) [Scour Records Freemix]

  31. No Matter [Scour Records Freemix]

  32. Back N Forth EP

  33. Size Matters EP
    Extra Medium

  34. Irie [Scour Records Freemix]

  35. Dance Funky Dance [Scour Records Freemix]
    Sammy Senior

  36. No Biggie [Scour Records Freemix]
    Sammy Senior

  37. Bag Of Tricks EP
    Sammy Senior

  38. Captain Flatcap LP
    Captain Flatcap

  39. Party Time EP
    Father Funk

  40. Can't U Feel [Scour Records Freemix]
    Lack Jemmon

  41. Spinforth Lost Tapes Series

  42. Freemixed Nuts Vol 04

  43. Scoured Swing Vol 01

  44. Going Crazy [Scour Records Freemix]
    Mr Stabalina

  45. Another Man [Scour Records Freemix]
    Charlie Beale

  46. Give It Up Gimme Five [Scour Records Freemix]
    Mr Stabalina

  47. Rock The Party EP
    Mr Stabalina

  48. Just Bust A Move [Scour Records Freemix]
    Mr Stabalina

  49. Default [Scour Records Freemix]
    Joe Revell & WBBL

  50. Coming Soon [Minimix]
    Mr Stabalina

  51. Heads Boppin' EP
    Cockney Nutjob

  52. Size Up EP
    Extra Medium

  53. Dreams EP [Scour Records Freemix EP]

  54. Scoured Cream Vol 05

  55. Sax Party [Scour Records Freemix]
    C@ In The H@ Feat. Mr Switch

  56. My Baby Don't... [Scour Records Freemix]
    Cockney Nutjob

  57. Gettin In Trouble [Scour Records Freemix]

  58. Freemixed Nuts Vol 03

  59. Phenomenal Funk EP
    Father Funk

  60. LViS [Scour Records Freemix]
    Lack Jemmon

  61. Time To Rock [Scour Records Freemix]
    Buck Rogers

  62. Freemixed Nuts Vol 02

  63. Hot Summer Bombs EP
    BONDi Stereo

  64. Scoured Cream Vol 04

  65. Groove Gigolos EP
    S Strong & Funkanizer

  66. Freemixed Nuts: Vol 01

  67. Funk I'm Kickin' EP
    Cedar Senior & Imagine This

  68. Scoured Cream Vol 03

  69. Mama Funk [Scour Records Freemix]
    Father Funk

  70. Scoured Cream Vol 02

  71. Feelin' Happy [Scour Records Freemix]
    J-Sound Spinforth & The Fritz

  72. Scoured Cream Vol 01


Scour Records Falmouth, UK

Independent digital label showcasing, and officially releasing, the creamiest of the crop of Spinforth's Scours.

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